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Muslin & Cotton
Drawstring Bags

Our Muslin is a finely-woven, unbleached, 100% cotton fabric MADE IN USA. Historically, Muslin fabric originated in the Middle East and was introduced to Europe in the mid-17th century.

Muslin fabric is especially useful as clothing in hot climates. Overall, Muslin fabric has many uses from home decoration, crafting and clothing. Muslin bags are useful as a gift, sachet, favor, craft project, or can be used as a sales bag for dry food, jewelry, soap, candles, toys, herbs, bouquet garni, or any other products. Surprisingly, Muslin is the fabric of choice for theater and movie sets since Muslin can easily be painted on.

The imported bags are also unbleached, 100% cotton fabric. Material is a bit thicker than the USA Made and there is red thread stitching just under the drawstring.

14001 - Muslin DrawString Bags
2 3/4x4 double drawstring muslin bags one string drawstring muslin bag 5x7
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Country of Origin: MADE IN USA
Uses: Gifts, favors, bouquet garni (herb bag for soup/stew), crafting, soap holder, parts, jewelry holder, sachets, potpourri, herbs, bath products, fillable tea bags

Unbleached, 100% cotton Muslin Drawstrings Bags. All natural color including drawstring. USA quality made and durable. Easily opens and tightly closes with a drawstring. Muslin Drawstring Bags available in different sizes (can special order other sizes).

**Note: Muslin bag sizes are close approximations and can be smaller or larger by a small fraction. Email us if you need exact measurements. Consider space used by the drawstring when deciding measurements needed. If you prefer a sample prior to purchasing, you can obtain one by clicking here.

  • 2.75" x 4"  &  3" x 5"DD bags come with double drawstrings, one on each side

14001 - Muslin Drawstring Bags
Made in USA


  Quantity:   10 Muslin Bags

See box below to order larger quantities with discounted prices

2.75" x 4" $ 4.20
3" x 4" $ 4.38
3" x 5" $ 5.17
3" x 5"DD $ 5.40
4" x 6" $ 6.44
5" x 7" $ 8.15
5" x 8" $ 8.95
6" x 8" $10.50
6" x10" $12.35
8" x 10" $15.60
8" x 12" $16.25

For LARGE Quantities




14003 - Imported Cotton DrawString Bags
2 3/4x4 double drawstring imported cotton bags one side drawstring imported cotton fabric bag 6x8
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IMPORTED (Indonesia)
Originating in Indonesia, these 100% cotton drawstring bags are denser than the USA bags and also have a thicker drawstring. They are quality made and have a visible red colored stitch at the top.

Besides size, they are all made the same except that 3" x 5" has 2 drawstrings, one on each side, and all the others have only one drawstring on one side.

  Quantity: 10 Cotton Fabric Bags

3" x 5" $ 4.80
4" x 6" $ 5.35
5" x 7" $ 5.95
5" x 8" $ 6.30
6" x 8" $ 7.55
6" x 10" $ 8.70
8" x 10" $ 10.44
8" x 12" $ 11.64
8" x 16" $11.95
12" x 16" $18.95
12" x 20" $25.75

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